acorn lollipop 50%

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder 50% Iberian breed

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Acorn-fed shoulder 50% Iberian breed

Enjoy this juicy palette with an intense flavor. An exquisite gourmet product of excellent quality Made from 50% Iberian pigs and fed on acorns

Our Iberian products are made from Iberian pigs raised in freedom in our Finca Matacebada, a place that, together with our dryers located in Jabugo, Guijuelo and Extremadura, achieve the sensory characteristics of our Oro Bellota products.

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A very juicy meat that characterizes all Artibérico products and its taste between sweet and salty that recalls a feeling of being in the middle of the dehesa montanera.

As for the manufacturing processes, they remain 100% traditional, working for the exceptional quality of our Iberian products, which can only be achieved with excellent raw materials, perfect weather conditions and long, slow curing.

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Brida Roja: Producto ibérico procedente de paletas de bellota 50% ibéricas seleccionadas.

Clasificados según la Norma de Calidad como Paleta de Bellota 50 % Ibérica.


Curación de más de 24 meses.


Se sirve en piezas enteras desde 4 kg hasta 6,5 kg.


Antes de abrir el producto, conservar en lugar fresco y seco. 

Consumir preferentemente antes de 18 meses.


Paleta de cerdo de bellota 50% ibérica, sal y conservadores (E-250 y E-252).

Valores medios por 100g de productos

Valor energético: 1232 KJ/339 Kcal

Grasas: 20 g

De las cuales

Saturadas: 7 g

Hidratos de carbono: 0,31 g

De las cuales

Azúcares:  0 g

Proteína: 31 g

Sal: 4 g

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