100% Iberian acorn shoulder

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Acorn-fed shoulder 100% Iberian breed

Enjoy all the nuances and extraordinary flavor of our 100% Iberian acorn shoulder. With a soft and delicate flavor you will feel how each slice melts when you taste it.

With an unbeatable price as we are breeders and producers of the Iberian pig, each piece you buy will be made directly from our factories.

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Our palettes are recognized for having one of the juiciest meats, to which is added its special texture and flavor between sweet and salty.

Exceptional quality thanks to the fact that they come from pigs raised in freedom in the Artibérico dehesas and fed exclusively on acorns and natural pastures.

Exceptional quality guaranteed with the distinction of "black bridle", which represents the highest quality of Iberian products.

Artibérico Oro Bellota, a success in every way.

Brida Negra: Iberian product from selected 100% Iberian acorn-fed hams.

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Clasificados según la Norma de Calidad como Jamón de Bellota 100 % Ibérico.


Curación de más de 24 meses.


Se sirve en piezas enteras desde 4 kg hasta 6,5 kg.


Antes de abrir el producto, conservar en lugar fresco y seco. 

Consumir preferentemente antes de 18 meses.


Paleta de cerdo 100% ibérica, sal, conservadores (E-250 y E-252) y antioxidantes (E-301 y E-331).


Valores medios por 100g de productos

Valor energético: 1832 KJ/449 Kcal

Grasas: 28 g

De las cuales

Saturadas: 14,02 g

Hidratos de carbono: 0,3 g

De las cuales

Azúcares:  0,2 g

Proteína: 28 g

Sal: 3,4 g

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