Iberian bait chorizo

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Iberian chorizo with cebo cular

The most traditional and characteristic sausage of Spanish gastronomy. Enjoy an intense flavor that evokes tradition. Elaborated following an old recipe of more than 80 years, which even today maintains all its essence without any type of change.


Through an exhaustive selection of lean Iberian meats seasoned with spices and slow and natural curing in our cellars, we have managed to produce a range of very high quality Iberian sausages with a marked artisanal character. Our cured sausages offer an intense and juicy flavor in the chorizos, and a meaty and soft texture in the sausages. Sausages in cular pork casing with a caliber of 40-60 mm, they are matured in dryers for a minimum of 120 days.

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Producto ibérico procedente de magros seleccionados.

Clasificados según la Norma de Calidad.


120 días en nuestros secaderos.


Se sirve en piezas enteras y medias piezas de un peso entre 0,8 kg a 1,300 kg.


Antes de abrir el producto conservar en lugar fresco y seco. 

Conservar a temperatura de 2 a 8 grados.

Consumir preferentemente antes de 18 meses.


Magro de cerdo ibérico, sal, pimentón, ajo, leche en polvo, dextrina, sal, dextrosa, oréganos conservadores (E -250, E-252), corrector de la acidez (E500i), estabilizantes (E -451, E-452), antioxidante (E - 301), aroma de carne y colorante (E -120).


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