1/2 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham with a knife

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20 sachets of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham

Ham from 8 to 9 kilos in size, net weight sliced 2 kilos.

The 100% Iberico Bellota Artiberico Ham is the maximum expression of the flavor of the dehesa. A gourmet product made from carefully selected pieces to offer exclusive quality and characteristics.

When cut, it presents an intense red color with a special grain that originates from 100% Iberian pigs that have fed on acorns during a life in the pasture in complete freedom.


The natural drying rooms and cellars of Artibérico make natural maturation over time generate aromas and sensations, transforming the pieces until they acquire their final nuances with rest.

Its long stay in the dryers allows its nuances to be refined and to obtain the sensory characteristics of Artibérico - Oro Bellota products.

Enjoy an exclusive and unique product. Cured for more than 36 months in natural dryers to achieve a flavor and aroma reminiscent of the dehesa.

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Brida Negra: Producto ibérico procedente de jamones de bellota 100% ibéricos seleccionados.

Clasificados según la Norma de Calidad como Jamón de Bellota 100 % Ibérico.


Curación de más de 36 meses.


Se sirve en piezas enteras desde 6 kg hasta 11 kg.


Antes de abrir el producto, conservar en lugar fresco y seco. 

Consumir preferentemente antes de 18 meses.


Jamón de cerdo de bellota 100% ibérica, sal y conservadores (E-250 y E-252).

Valores medios por 100g de productos

Valor energético: 1844 KJ/442 Kcal

Grasas: 32 g

De las cuales

Saturadas: 13,6 g

Hidratos de carbono: 0,5 g

De las cuales

Azúcares:  0,17 g

Proteína: 31 g

Sal: 2 g

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